They are letting me out of the studio!
by joe5art


They are letting me out of the studio! Hope to see some of you Next Saturday, April 5th at an event for local authors book fair and publishing workshop. I just finish putting together a new Elsewhere Annual and plan to have them to sale along with other book and doing sketches. Should be a Fun time in Yucaipa, CA. Yucaipa Little Theatre, 12135 California St. From 11AM-2PM Also I should be back in Yucaipa on May 3rd for the Yucaipa Music & Art Fest.

More to Come!!!
by joe5art

As I continue to and near finishing adding all the newer Elsewhere strips here and continue to work on it I am realizing that the reader really needs access to the older comic strips. So I think after I get this site caught up to what I am drawing I will start a second page So that will be over a hundred more comics for you to enjoy!!! I hope to get the Classic pages, store front and the landing page all done this year so everthing is set up by Elsewhere's 25th anniversary!!! And Please leave feedback as you read through the strip. It lets me know you are reading and that I should keep drawing and working on it!

Somebody Broke That
by joe5art

Well it looks like I have a lot to learn on the new (Comic Fury) site. I'd like to get a nicer looking page. Oh and it would be nice if the pages were in order! If you go to the "Archive" you will see them in order by book. I was wanting to get up some of the new stuff and be filling in the old strips. Unfortunately this is causing havic with the page order. So for now I'm stopping the new strips on this site and going to work on getting the older stuff updated first. For those of you who can not stand the wait (or were following it on Drunk Duck before the great site crash of 2013) there is a full standing set of Elsewhere on which has a full set devided into issues and will continue to be updated weekly.


I really hope you are enjoying the comic and would love any comments and/ feedback you have to offer. Your support is the major payment I get for doing this work. Believe me the newer full color comic pages are a bit of work, LOL. It's my goal to get the comics up and also improve the web pages as I figure out how to edit these pages. There my even be a shop link in the near future!