It's Blog, Blog With big News!
by joe5art


You already saw the new landing page. I'll be working on getting all the items funtional soon. Unfortunately some of the blogs had to be deleated to get them to work.


On Sat. Nov. 29th I will be at the Christmas event in at the used bookstore at Yucaipa Blvd and California St. in Yucaipa, CA!


I working on a little Halloween treat for all of you it will post at and my site as well. You lucky readers!


The last batch of College Elsewhere to post before the end of Cotober. Over 100 strips that ran most of my time at college. There is for one more surprise I'm going to be rewriting/ reworking a Elsewhere book that I did in college that had like 5 copies printed. It is the cause of the events you've been reading for the past 6 issues.


BIG NEWS!!! Guess who is going to be in the First Comic Underdog Calendar! That's right Butch and Walter are slated to be Miss August! These will be printed and for sale on line. I will post details when I have them.


That's right just assume I am brilliant and follow along. ALSO Elsewhere NEEDS 4 more subscribers to move up in on this sites search engine. Please consider subscribing, it just takes a couple clicks. Contact me about books of sketches or other. I am taking in outside work. I hope to have more good news soon.


More books, PDFs, a store and show dates coming in the new year.

Another Signing
by joe5art

Another Signing.

On May 3rd from 10-2 at the Yucaipa Music & Art Festival in front of Darcie Lynn Bookstore in Yucaipa, CA on California St. It's a Great 3 day event to boot. More info at

I'll be there with over a half dozen different books!

They are letting me out of the studio!
by joe5art


They are letting me out of the studio! Hope to see some of you Next Saturday, April 5th at an event for local authors book fair and publishing workshop. I just finish putting together a new Elsewhere Annual and plan to have them to sale along with other book and doing sketches. Should be a Fun time in Yucaipa, CA. Yucaipa Little Theatre, 12135 California St. From 11AM-2PM Also I should be back in Yucaipa on May 3rd for the Yucaipa Music & Art Fest.